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About Star Value

Think about all the activities your patients do. Is ONE pair all they need? Ask your patient details about their day and you will probably hear several reasons why they need an extra pair, maybe two!

Offer StarValue Frame and Lens Packages to your price conscious customers for emergency eyewear (lost or broken eyeglasses), spare pairs, sunglasses featuring polarized lenses, or pairs designed for the workplace with No Glare lenses and comfortable wide and near vision.

A broad selection of frames in Women's, Men's, Kids' and Contemporary/Unisex styles are available to be included in your Star Value Package. Frames available in the package can be viewed in the Star Value navigation links above.

Star Value packages feature lenses in plastic or poly in single vision, Anti-Fatigue™ (No-Glare required at extra cost), D25/28, 7x25/7x28, Essilor Computer (No-Glare required at extra cost) and progressives (Adaptar®, Essilor Natural®, Small Fit®). All lenses are available with Transitions; Sharpview, Crizal Easy or Crizal AvancĂ© UV no-glare technologies; and other add-ons at additional charge. All packages include lenses, frames, edging and mounting.

All StarValue frames and lenses are warranted for one full year and are packaged priced for managed care eyewear programs. StarValue frames pictured on the site are in stock and available.

Please contact your Essilor lab sales representative for pricing on star Value packages.